Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sing me some BLUES

time for a new SLG..... the below is my (blue) dream:

YSL Chyc Zip Wallet

I love it because:
(+) it's blue - unlike my dirty white cole haan wallet (what was I thinking?)
(+) it has an all around zip - nothing will fall out (i keep/have literally everything)
(-) I wish it had a Y closure though :(
(-) it's so beautifully expensive-o


i also want an iph5 (YES, FIVE) but in WHITE.
SO over my BB.


Mulberry Polly Push Lock Shoulder Bag

it's absolutely gorgeous in black, but the orange is perfection.


1 comment:

ieatapples said...

How dare you turn over to the darkside!!! switching to an i5.

Delete + Block Future Invitation.


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